TCS Tactical Cleaning Solvent


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TCS Tactical Cleaning Solvent is a superior solvent in every way. It is odor free, safer and easier to use, and more effective. It is designed for Law Enforcement, Military, Shooting Enthusiasts, Gunsmiths and Armorers and it is Proudly Made in The USA. This solvent easily removes carbon and fouling by penetrating down to the surface of the metal and displacing dirt. Unload and inspect firearms before cleaning. Metal parts may be covered or soaked in TCS solvent. Remove parts from solvent and brush clean with an armorer’s brush. 0000 steel wool and this solvent may be used, with caution, to remove heavy deposits on metal surfaces. Wipe parts clean with a disposable cloth/paper towel or blow off with compressed air. Repeat if needed. Oil parts to preserve finish and prevent corrosion. Bore Cleaning: Saturate patch with TCS solvent, using a TCS Jag, push the patch down the bore. Brush if needed. Repeat Patching with TCS solvent. Use TCS Jag and US Products Bore Paste to remove copper fouling from bore. Patch bore with a patch saturated in TCS solvent. Dry patch to remove solvent. Patch with TCS Ultimate Firearms Lubricant to preserve bore and prevent corrosion.


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