TCS Cleaning Patches 22 Caliber- 7mm


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These 180 count bags contains round patches made of 100% cotton flannel that are perfectly sized to correspond to the following TCS Cleaning Jags: 22 Caliber, 243 Caliber(6mm), 25 Caliber (6.5), 270 Caliber (6.8), and .284 caliber (7mm). These patches will provide the best fit and function in a wide variety of firearms when used with our jags.

In some special cases involving certain short barrel 22 caliber pistols with tighter than average bores, these patches may be too thick. We have experienced this with Bersa, Firestorm, and Walther pistols. If you have one of these pistols or a short barrel .22 pistol similar to them, and you experience unusual tightness, do not force the jag and patch into the bore. We have thinner patches available.

*100% Cotton Flannel Round Patches