Black Arch OWB Protos-M


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Now available in three of our most popular color combinations at no additional charge!
The OWB Protos-M by Black Arch Holsters is a major leap in hybrid holster OWB design with no equal on the market.

UNMATCHED COMFORT- The flexibility of leather ensures that your holster moves with you
CONSISTENT RETENTION- Using our Patent Pending “3/4 Hybrid” system you get consistent, adjustable retention not seen on traditional hybrid OWB holsters.
NO BULK-Featuring a custom designed backer for each handgun, you don’t have to worry about extra bulk, this helps reduce printing and increase comfort.

**Models marked as suppressor ready/MOS/optic cut will have a sight channel height of .50″**

The OWB Protos-M is compatible with our entire line of Protos-M Backers, with a few simple screws you can move the Kydex shell from one backer, to another allowing your carry method to change as your needs change.

Each Protos-M Kydex shell and leather backer is custom designed for your particular handgun. This ensures proper coverage of handgun without increasing its size.