30 Days To Concealed Carry Confidence


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30 Days to Concealed Carry Confidence will be your blueprint to becoming a better protector of your loved ones. The key to success is our system of manageable goals, expert guidance and daily drills you can do at home or the range. This book isn’t page after page of technical jargon — it’s proven, manageable training. You’ll make small, sustainable gains each day, which will lead to huge, lasting growth on your journey to becoming a responsibly armed American and your family’s first line of defense. Here’s just some of the things you’ll walk away with: On day 1, you’ll discover how to cultivate a situationally aware mindset and learn how easy it is to live a “Condition Yellow” lifestyle. By days 14 and 15, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of stance, grip and trigger press. These crucial fundamentals will simply become muscle memory. And on day 30, you’ll grasp the justified use of deadly force and be able to execute it with complete confidence. After 30 days you’ll walk away an informed, confident and situationally aware guardian of your family.