Mantis Dry Fire Challenge

Thank you for your interest in our Mantis Dry Fire Challenge.
The Challenge will run until March 27th. There is no cost.

To join the challenge, follow these steps:

Open the MantisX app on your iPhone / Android device
Go into SETTINGS and setup an account
To join the group, tap GROUPS on the bottom
Along the top, tap on +Group (you might need to scroll to the right)
Tap “Find a Group”
Type “SFT 2022 Winter Dry Fire Challenge”
Tap on the title so you can JOIN the group
Here are the expectations of our Dry Fire Challenge:

Be honest, practice on your own, don’t cheat
The goal is for everyone to improve. If you’re having trouble or can’t get your scores to improve – ask! I’m happy to help.
Goals will be set in the app. The first week is to get 100 shots.
Goals will be adjusted weekly. Get your # of shots in any drills you like.
You MUST complete the Mantis Benchmark every week on Saturday or Sunday. Sunday night will be our reset.
Make a comment at the bottom of this page with your username so I know exactly which username belongs to whom.

Weekly Shots will get a digital prize
Mantis Benchmark – Most Improved will get a physical prize. This will be a comparison b/n your first Benchmark and the last one on March 26/27
Do you need to purchase a Mantis X or Laser Academy?

Do you need to purchase a BarrelBlok?